"I love that we get to interact with the village people(the children were AMAZING!!!). The food was so good I manage to gain weight despite there was so much physical activity." Afie 2013 - Ecoteer House Perhentian
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THE solution for cheap volunteer abroad and working holidays

Ecoteer is a unique volunteer opportunities agency - offering a directory of cheap volunteer work opportunities, volunteer jobs abroad and working holidays. Our volunteer opportunities are cheap because we have eliminated the middleman slashing the price to volunteer abroad for gapyears, careerbreaks and working holidays. Ecoteer is changing the volunteer and working holiday industry.

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Volunteer Stories

Volunteering is not just for the young! Pauline Andrews, 2011

"We are ’older’ volunteers who went traveling originally for one year and then extended the trip to 2 years. We worked on 7 different projects in Africa, Asia and Australia and the Cambodian project we went back to again in our 2nd year. We found the whole experience very liberating, enlightening and would recommend it to anyone - although you have to be prepared for a few challenges on the way!! Pauline Andrews, 2011 "
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How to Find Your Volunteer Abroad Placement

Finding a suitable charity volunteer abroad placement on the Ecoteer web site is simple. Follow the three steps below to organise your volunteer abroad work placement perfect for your gap year, careerbreak or working holiday.
  1. Browse our volunteer opportunities to see what type of volunteer abroad jobs are currently available
  2. To contact a volunteer abroad project or request further information, simply register to become an Ecoteer member by filling in our membership form with your details
  3. Contact the volunteer project and make your travel arrangements
Click on a continent or country to browse volunteer placements, volunteer work, working holidays and volunteer jobs abroad

Use the map to select your destination, browse by category or search for placements that meet your criteria.

Placement Types


Volunteer work opportunities at ecotourism placements offers diverse activities for the volunteer, such as teaching english, acting as a tourist guide and conservation work.


Conservation volunteer jobs with Ecoteer offer volunteer opportunities with various species and in numerous countries. These volunteer opportunities are generally short-term placements, ranging from 1 to 6 months.


Teaching volunteers can get involved in volunteering at a local school, orphanage or in a community centre. These volunteer abroad opportunities are fantastic for volunteers wanting to give back to children


Volunteer work can involve HIV/aids awareness, medical advice, construction or help at an orphanage. Volunteer abroad on one of our humanitarian charity volunteer jobs and give back to the local community.


These volunteer projects allows you to conduct scientific studies for your thesis (Bachelors, Masters and PhD) while you volunteer.


Volunteer work involves all sorts of things - there is always work to do at a farm. You will meet many volunteer travellers, short and long stayers, at these farms.

Use the Ecoteer Forums to discuss travelling and volunteering, share advice and tips and chat with volunteers and placements...

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Register for volunteer work and volunteer jobs and working holidays

The main reason to volunteer abroad with Ecoteer is the cost benefit. Ecoteer volunteer work and working holiday opportunities all cost the minimal amount and any fees you pay go 100% to the project. Volunteer opportunities do vary but in general all you need to pay for are transportation, travel insurance and spending money. Accommodation is always covered and food is generally given at Ecoteer volunteer projects abroad.

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