Recommended for: Community Volunteering
Living costs: £££
Peak season: July to August
UK government travel advice: Ghana
Visa requirements (for UK citizens): Obtain in advance

With a strong economy, a stable democracy and progressive attitudes, Ghana is generally considered the easiest West African country for westerners to visit. It’s developing fast, and it has a vibrant energy that makes it a great place to travel.

It also makes it a great place to find work. Education has made significant progress in recent years, and teaching English in international schools can help you fund your trip, as well as giving you an insight into local culture.

There’s also plenty of fulfilling unpaid work to be found in Ghana. While the country is famed for its progressive attitude in a lot of areas, there are still plenty of causes looking for help. For example, with homosexuality still illegal and punishable by imprisonment, gay rights groups are in desperate need of advocates. There are also many women’s rights groups active in the area, tackling issues such as domestic violence.

And if you’re looking for a more relaxing time, there’s no end of sights to be seen, from West Africa’s largest waterfall to the UNESCO-protected forts of Accra.

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