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Conservation and Community Volunteering

Have the holiday experience of a lifetime. Join us for Conservation and Community Volunteering. You can help to protect sea turtles in the tropical paradise islands of Perhentian. Or, go trekking for conservation in the world’s oldest rainforest. If you are an animal lover, then you can care for rescued animals such as orangutans, sun bears and other wildlife. Ecoteer runs volunteer projects for Marine and Rainforest conservation in Malaysia.

Also, we offer volunteering for Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Indonesia. Each volunteer project is unique. We work with the local communities, to make sure that they benefit. In this way, you can change their hearts and minds to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. For instance, you can get involved in recycling and teaching for our Eco Education project. Or join our Marine Research team and go diving to save the ocean. It will allow you to create real impact, whilst getting to know the people and culture. You can volunteer for a period of one week or more, or book a shorter eco-holiday.

Enjoy a Meaningful Holiday Experience

Most of all, South East Asia is a great place to start, If you are new to volunteering abroad. The routes are backpacker and gap year friendly with many similar travelers on their own voyages. And, of course, there are the wonderful people, amazing cultures and warm weather throughout the year. So what are you waiting for?

We Love Group Travel

If you are in a group or want to organise a school trip, then you are with the right people. Ecoteer have many years of experience in offering fieldtrip school programmes and student group travel. You can learn more here.

Volunteering Opportunities We Offer
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