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Batek Education Project Coordinator

Location: Merapoh, Malaysia

Category: Rainforest, Education

Job Type: Internship

Contract Length: 3 Months Minimum

Application Closing Date: Ongoing – please apply now

Start Date: October 2019

 This internship is perfect for someone looking to immerse themselves in a traditional culture and language while tying it together with the modern world to exist symbiotically and will require both enthusiasm and patience to work closely with the Batek. These are indigenous people of Malaysia who have a close relationship with the forests and speak their own Batek language.

Whats in it for you?

As the Batek Education Coordinator you will be responsible for helping the project manager to establish, and run teaching sessions for the Batek tribe and also for the local Malay children.  You will help to develop the teaching materials and lesson plans for the session with your Project Manager.  You will also help to collect information on how the Batek use the rainforest for foraging and hunting. You may also be asked to help with jungle trekking and camping. The Batek are still very much connected to the rainforest, we can learn a great deal from them. So, even though you are focused on teaching you will also spend a large amount of time in the rainforest.  The role requires and energetic team orientated person with a dynamic, can do attitude, but who respects the culture of the Batek and also the Malay community.

Skills for your CV:

    • Excellent communication skills used to educate, influence and inform
    • Efficient organisation and planning skills through developing lesson plans and materials
    • Time management and meeting deadlines
    • Good at building rapport and relationships with students
    • Effective people management skills, ensuring positive student behaviours and a sense of respect in the classroom
    • Knowledge and enthusiasm for subject matter; science, maths and language
  • Adaptability, flexibility and problem solving to overcome language barriers and deal with challenges


    • Accommodation for just £100 per 3 months (if you’re coming from abroad) based at our house in Merapoh with a fantastic rooftop view. You’ll be in mixed rooms with the other project interns and volunteers will be staying in the house allowing you to mix with some wonderful people.
    • Free food! You’ll get access to communal staff food at each project base where you’ll cook alongside other interns. Feel free to treat yourself to some local Malaysia cuisine too, particularly at the local night markets.
    • Exciting experiences with the project volunteers such as caving, bushcraft, and camping in rotation with the other interns
    • An additional allowance of RM250 per month after 6 months, if you commit to a longer term internship
    • Free Wifi! The accommodation is a stone’s throw away from a free internet centre so even whilst in the jungle you can keep your social media up to date
    • When volunteers are on the project, we’ll be honest, your week will be pretty busy but the project manager will make sure you get a break and when you’re less busy you can take full advantage of the opportunity to see a little more of Malaysia
    • All work related expenses (Unfortunately not including your travel to or from Malaysia)
  • Written reference letter upon completion of internship. We’ll do our best to help you land your dream job

What we need from you

To apply for this role you’ll need to meet a few requirements and be committed and passionate to educating the Batek and local communities. Find out a bit more about the role itself by reading about the duties you’ll be completing throughout the internship.


  • General Requirements
    • A team player.
    • High level of teaching experience.
    • Ensure a good level of communication between the Project Manager and your colleagues at all times.
    • Undertake and demonstrate consistent planning of your workload and adhere to set deadlines.
    • Meet regularly with the Project Manager as the timetable of the project allows.
    • Assist the Project Leader in completing Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures and programme content as required.
    • Complete reports as required.
    • Provide cover for colleague’s leave and illness as required.
    • Ensure good financial management by detailing proposed and actual expenditure and filing receipts.
    • Travel for the purposes of work following agreed timetabling and budgets.
    • Provide adequate notice of any travel needed whether work related or personal.
    • Must display a professional example to volunteers and colleagues at all times.
    • Must adhere to all safety measures, protocols and procedures as directed by Ecoteer.
    • Must notify Project Leader of issues that affect the completion of set tasks.
    • You are expected to carry out daily house chores with the other staff on a rota basis.
    • Take on tasks in addition to the descriptions above as delegated by the Project Leader that are deemed fair, achievable within the present task load.
  • Personal Specifications
    • Medium – high physical fitness. 
    • Able to work under hot and humid conditions.
    • Excellent communication skills and confident public speaker.
    • High level of organization and ability to meet deadlines.
    • Knowledge of the work of Ecoteer and terrestrial conservation in Malaysia.
    • Competent in using Microsoft Office.
    • A flexible and adaptive approach.
    • Must be comfortable in accessing assistance for a demanding role.
    • Adventurous. Experience in outdoor activities preferred.
    • Independent and resourceful.

Key duties and responsibilities


    • Help host foraging sessions with the Batek.
    • Ask the Batek questions as to what they are doing – record all information on video and keep in a systematic way to develop a community usage map for the Batek people
    • Help to develop community based tourism initiatives that continue to be sensitive to the culture and needs/wants of the Batek.
    • Lead the rubbish collection project at the Batek village – weekly collections – separate waste into recyclable materials and sell at recycle centre at Kuala Lipis. KEEP ALL THIN PLASTICS.


    • Prepare all lesson plans and materials
    • Develop a syllabus for the english teaching – VERY BASIC – TEACHING ABC AND NUMBERS
    • Host three weekly English lessons for the Batek children.
    • Record all lesson plans in dropbox.
    • With the project manager help start an environmental school club at the local government school.
    • Develop all lesson plans and materials for the environment club.


    • Follow a schedule of activities that has been set by your project manager. 
    • Monitor volunteers throughout the program with attention paid to safety, morale and participation.
    • Facilitate volunteer meetings to gain feedback on the program and to identify key interest areas for long term stays.
    • Identify and utilize individual strengths amongst the volunteers and your colleagues.
    • Regularly review the program with your colleagues.
    • Ensure the general upkeep of the house and volunteer areas.
    • Ensure all equipment and camping gears are in working/usable condition.
    • Ensure supplies of first aid equipment are kept at the appropriate level.
    • Ensure the upkeep of equipment used by volunteers.
  •    Forest Based Activities
    • You maybe ask to assist volunteer groups during jungle treks
    • You are responsible for the safety of the volunteers at all times when in the forest, though you will be given training by the project leader and always have a local guide with you so you MUST ensure all suitable safety precautions are taken.
    • Join overnight camping sessions when volunteers are present with the Batek.
    • Organise and join foraging activities with the Batek.
  •    Accommodation
    • Ensure the volunteers keep the accommodation in a clean and tidy state.
    • Ensure bedding is changed on a weekly basis and that all new volunteers have clean bedding.
    • Follow the daily cleaning schedule.

How To Apply

Please submit your CV and Cover Letter to

For more information or if you have any further questions about the role please email


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If that’s not enough to convince you, check out this video of the project from a few years back that was made by our volunteer coordinators. While a few things may have changed it’ll give you a pretty good idea about the project.
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