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Care for Rescued Animals in Indonesia
  • Open Year Round
  • Animal Welfare | Rehabilitation | Release
  • Flexible Length Programs
  • 2020 Prices start from $890


“I have had so many opportunities here to develop personally and I feel more confident in my abilities. I learnt all about the animals, how to effectively rehabilitate animals using enrichment and the proper ways to undertake releases back into the wild.”

Renae Smith


“My experience at the Jogja Wildlife Rescue Centre was life changing. I found myself completing tasks and experiencing things I never imagined that I would. And I absolutely loved it! I learnt so much working with the animals and even saw some that I didn’t know existed. My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer.”

Sam Hunt



Care for Rescued Animals and Improve their Lives through Enrichment

Large parts of Indonesia’s rainforests are declining along with orangutans and other critically endangered species who call it their home. The orphaned young animals are frequently captured from the wild and sold illegally. This animals are kept as illegal pets, and condemned to spend their lives in cramped cages. This is where the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) comes in.

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release where Possible

The WRC accepts and cares for rescued animals confiscated from illegal ownership under the Protected Wildlife Law. Whenever possible, the centre rehabilitates and releases the rescued animals. Unfortunately, most animals cannot be released due to health or behavioural conditions, so they make WRC their home. Also, we do not exhibit the animals to the public, except for selected educational programmes.

As a volunteer, you will have a unique opportunity to get close and contribute to their welfare by creating and implementing important enrichment activities.

Support and Educate the Community through your Care for Rescued Animals

The Centre enjoys a close relationship with the local villages. These are home to the majority of the centre’s staff. Therefore, WRC provides employment opportunities for the locals. Additionally, WRC also helps to educate locals and spread awareness of environmental protection and animal welfare at this critical local level.

A Note from Dan, Founder of ECOTEER

“Jogja, one volunteer said to me, is the ritz of volunteering. The accommodation is nice, the food is fresh and healthy, and our in house chef can even cater for vegans. However, it’s the people are make the place magical. Rosa, who is the most fluent English speaker at the Centre, is a delight and one of the most hard working people I know. Renae has taken the programme to the next level and introduced lots of new fun and interactive sessions in the afternoon, for example, the gamelan session where you mix with local youths who teach you about Javanese culture and at the same time practice and improve their English. Another new addition is the weekly visit to sites where eagles who have been rehabilitated at the Centre are released. These visits to the release sites allow us all to experience the ultimate end that we want all our animals to achieve, the journey back to freedom. Randy the new vet is very knowledgeable and interactive and loves sharing his passion for the animals with the volunteers.”

Please Note

The Facilities Reflect the Limited Resources Available – Enclosures for many of the animals are small and not intended as permanent homes. WRC receives no external funding, and the management must do what they can with limited resources. Every effort is made to continually improve the facilities and the living arrangements for the animals at WRC. Your presence at the Centre to care for rescued animals enriches the animals’ lives. Especially, your financial support helps to improve the future for these wonderful animals.

Interacting with Wildlife – As the centre is a rehabilitation centre there is a strict no-touching policy. Physical interaction with humans can hinder their ability to be released into the wild again. Furthermore, as the animals are wild, they can act very unpredictably. A no touching policy assists to avoid injury.

All arrivals are on a Monday, departures are on a Sunday

All year round starting from January 7th in 2019 and January 6th in 2020

2019 Pricing for Volunteers

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* Prices are based on USD ($). Prices in other currencies are subject to change dependent on the current exchange rate.

2020 Pricing for Volunteers

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* Prices are based on USD ($). Prices in other currencies are subject to change dependent on the current exchange rate.

The 2020 prices are inclusive of GBP100 worth of carbon offsetting, for 13 hours of return flights and other on project carbon production.

This project is actually now CARBON POSITIVE. That means that by joining this project, less carbon dioxide will be in the atmosphere!


  • Return airport pickup from Jogjakarta Airport (JOG)
  • Accommodation
  • Food & Cooking Facilities
  • All project activities


  • Flight fares
  • Travel insurance
  • Private transfers
  • Visa costs
  • Food/activities not included in the project.

Shadow an Animal Keeper

You will experience the full spectrum of wildlife at WRC by working alongside different animal keepers and animals each day. Here, you will participate in enclosure cleaning, food preparation, feeding, animal enrichment activities and also spend a morning with WRC’s vet – the perfect opportunity to observe, learn about the animals and ask lots of questions!

You will also participate in building good sturdy and spacious enclosures for our wildlife friends. Read more about building enclosures for our wildlife friends on our blog here.

Rehabilitation and Release

In the last 5 years, WRC has released 9 eagles in Java, and many close to the Centre. Some rescued animals have been translocated to release programs on their native islands. As a volunteer, you will get an opportunity to visit a previous animal release site and learn more about the release program from the centre.

English Classes

Every Wednesday, we organise Kids English Club with the help local teachers for the children from nearby villages. As a volunteer, you will be involved in organising interactive games and learning activities to encourage the children to learn English. You can also use this opportunity to raise awareness of environmental sustainability!

One of the WRC’s newest programs is the Community English Session, where we encourage the local youths and adults to learn English by working with local teachers. As a volunteer, and a native English speaker, you will participate in community learning and teach conversational English through fun interactive games.

Don’t worry if you’ve never taught before – your on-site facilitator will support you through every step.

Cultural Engagement

WRC is focused on building a strong positive lasting relationship with the local villagers. We do this by engaging in different cultural activities such as a traditional gamelan(music) class, batik (wax art) class, traditional dances and performances. We also take part in informal sports sessions in the village to encourage locals to interact with people from different cultures. This is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to experience the local culture and make some new friends along the way.

Javan Dinner

On Friday evenings, you will be welcomed into a staff member’s home or a local family for a traditional Javan dinner. Here, you will experience a traditional, home-cooked Javan cuisine, and maybe even try your hand preparing some. Their smiles are infectious and the delicious food just keeps on coming, so be sure to work up an appetite during the day!

Note: An individual daily schedule, including free days for sightseeing, will be created based on your length of stay and the animals’ needs at the time.


Food is an important part of Indonesian culture, as you will soon find out!

Currently, WRC employs a local chef to cook 3 meals per day in the centre. Also, volunteers will go to the local night market once a week to sample more local delicacies. Night markets are an essential part of the Indonesian food culture, and thus part of understanding what Indonesia is all about.

If that’s not enough, volunteers are welcome to venture out to some of the delicious local restaurants to try traditional Indonesian dishes.


Shared (single-sex) twin rooms with en-suite (cold) shower and Western style toilet. Rooms come with air-con, drinking water, and tea/coffee facilities.

Volunteers can opt for a double room for an extra charge of RM400 per week This room is not always available so kindly confirm availability with Ecoteer in advance by contacting us directly.

There is a communal lobby area with a television, where volunteers can socialize and enjoy meals together. Internet access is available at the volunteer accommodation.

All rooms have private balconies where you can dry laundry or simply relax overlooking the forest.

Since WRC has been running, we have successfully…

  • Rescued & housed  186 animals
  • Confiscated & rescued  38 animals from illegal wildlife trade
  • Released 20 animals back into the wild including a Javan eagle in 2016
  • Initiated & developed the successful kids club, focusing on environmental sustainability
  • Continued teaching at the community English club
  • Held information booths to teach tourists about animal welfare and keeping endangered animals out of the pet trade.

Looking to the Future

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is constantly looking for new and interactive ways to help protect and care for rescued animals, and also provide support and opportunities for the local community. The dedicated WRC team are still working tirelessly to rescue and release more animals every year, and also build better enclosures for the rescued animals in the centre.

This year, WRC is planning to initiate Skype sessions with schools around the world to teach students about rescued wildlife at the centre, as well as raise awareness about the illegal wildlife pet trade. 

What are the requirements to join this program?

Volunteers will need to be able to speak English or Bahasa Indonesia to be able to communicate with the staff/facilitator. The minimum age is 18 years old. Volunteers will need to provide evidence of the relevant vaccinations and medical tests including Hepatitis A, B and C and TB.

Do I need any wildlife experience/knowledge?

No experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm for wildlife and caring for them. Our friendly staff will teach you everything you need to know about wildlife care!

How do I get to WRC from Jogyakarta International Airport (JOG)?

Volunteers will be picked up from the airport and taken to the project site.

Is there internet access?

WiFi is present at the accommodation.

Is it possible to have our own room?

Volunteers can opt for a double room for an extra charge of RM400 per week. This room is not always available so kindly confirm availability with Ecoteer in advance by contacting us directly.

How long is the typical volunteer working day?

Activities with the animals normally run from 7am – 3pm, and after work (optional) activities are normally between 3.30/4pm – 5.30/6pm. There will be snack breaks and one hour for lunch.

I want to do more to help the WRC! What else can I get involved in?

There is plenty you can do! Whether it’s spreading conservation awareness to local children or honing your leadership skills by briefing and supporting new volunteers, there is plenty for you to get stuck into!

I have some specific questions about the project.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have by email.

For Qs related to insurance, visas, vaccinations or payment check out the General FAQs page and for more specific payment Qs have a look at the Terms & Conditions page

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