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Stand out with our conservation courses


Why study wildlife conservation and project management?

Want to start a career in conservation? Stand out in this competitive sector with our conservation courses! Conservation is complex and many skills are needed to successfully manage a conservation programme. At the same time, many conservationists have never received formal training in areas such as project management.  That’s why we’ve partnered with WildTeam UK and Animal Jobs Direct to offer courses to kick-start your career.

WildTeam specialises in developing training tailored towards conservationists, to improve the way conservation projects are designed and run. Every course leads to certification.

Animal Jobs Direct Education Centre offers a wide range of wildlife conservation courses that are recognised and accredited by 5 national awarding bodies.

Conservation Courses with WildTeam
Project Management and Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation

1. Project Management for Wildlife Conservation

There’s a need for conservationists to be trained in project management, but many lack this. You’ll learn how to manage conservation programmes of any type or size.

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2. Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation

Gain the knowledge to develop a conservation strategy suitable for any scale, complexity or timeframe of conservation work.

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Both courses are compatible with the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, an initiative run by the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) which helps practitioners improve the practice of conservation, from project design, to implementation and monitoring, using best practices in management from conservation and other fields.

This is crucial in assessing the effectiveness of conservation programmes, which are focussed on tackling complex, large and urgent environmental issues and must be monitored carefully to ensure desired results.

Conservation Courses with Animal Jobs Direct
Marine Conservation, Marine Biology and Responsible Tourism

All courses are Diploma, Level 3.

1. Marine Conservation

The oceans are under a tremendous amount of pressure, from depleted fish stocks, to ocean rubbish, to climate change and reduced biodiversity. Learn how the oceans reached their current state and potential solutions.

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2. Marine Biology

Learn about the ocean as a habitat, animal diversity, threats impacting the oceans and how we can preserve the ocean as an important habitat.

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3. Responsible Tourism

As the world’s fastest growing industry, tourism brings many benefits to many destinations. However, too often, its negative impacts outweigh the good. Learn how to design sustainable and responsible travel.

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Ecoteer’s internships are a great way to put theory to practice and these courses go hand-in-hand with the activities you’ll be undertaking.

Based in Malaysia’s breathtaking rainforest or marine project sites, you could be involved in environmental education and teaching, tourism and community engagement, marine or rainforest conservation, or media and marketing.

These courses will get you off to a flying start!


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