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At Ecoteer, we want to help you kick start your conservation career. What better way to get experience than by travelling to incredible destinations and working with incredibly passionate conservationists? To find your internship opportunity of a lifetime, head over to our vacancies page to see what’s currently on offer. Continue reading below to discover why an internship with Ecoteer is right for you.

8 benefits of doing an Ecoteer internship to gain career skills in conservation and sustainability

1. Your internship will create a positive impact for local communities

Ecoteer hires interns to carry out its mission to support local grassroots organisations in conservation and community development. 

2. Your internship is managed and supervised by us

So you can be assured of your job description for your Malaysia internship for career skills in conservation and sustainability. Because all the internships are at our own projects or within our Ecoteer partner network. We even help you set personal development and skills goals before you travel.

3. Your work directly benefits conservation and sustainability

Ecoteer interns work at project locations around the country focused on marine protection, rainforest conservation to benefit both the local and wider community. So you will make a difference through your Malaysia internship for career skills in conservation and sustainability.

4. You will spend at least 6 months in the best destination in Asia

You may call us biased, as Malaysia is our home. But it’s also one of Asia’s most popular travel destinations, because of its beautiful beaches, lush forests, delicious food and friendly people!

Sun setting over hills and a beach

View from turtle nesting beach Tiga Ruang at sunset

5. Your expenses are charged on a non-profit basis

Our non-proft status means, you are only charged an admin fee which includes costs of accommodation, meals, local services and any training. This is why our fees are much lower than many other international internships available online. Plus if you’re Malaysian, you’ll get your internship completely free!

6. Your location is safe and peaceful

Malaysia has an admirable record for political stability and racial harmony. This has been clearly visible in the recent peaceful and democratic change of government which has created a sense of hope and expectation for the nation. 

7. You will work in a international and diverse team

You can experience a totally unique cultural immersion, as Malaysia is amazingly diverse with Malay, Chinese, Indian and other local and tribal influences. Our teams consist of local staff and volunteers from all over the world.

fuze-Ecoteer staff team surrounding a stall

A few of our wonderful interns from all over the world helping with a science event at the school in Perhentian

8. Your working language is English

English is widely spoken in Malaysia and is the working language at all our project locations. You are welcome to acquire and practice words in the local Malay language, or even Chinese and Indian dialects!

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