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Marine Biology Course (Diploma, Level 3)
Marine Biology Course by Animal Jobs Direct | Online | £699

Why study Marine Biology?

This marine biology course is tailored for those interested in working or volunteering in marine biology. Studying this course will give you a solid understanding of marine organisms, as well as their behaviours and interactions with the environment. You will learn about the ocean as a habitat and the incredible diversity of animals that live in the marine environment. You will also gain an understanding of oceanography as well as the important areas of the sea, including the deep sea, mangroves, tropical coral reefs, the polar-regions, shores and estuaries. Finally, you will explore the threats that impact the oceans and how we can preserve the ocean as an important habitat.

You will learn

This course will cover:

  • Oceanography (the structure of oceans, how they are created and destroyed and the ocean as a habitat)
  • Coral reefs (how they are formed and distributed, how they live and how they form complex ecosystems)
  • Mangroves and Seagrass Beds (the fringes of tropical seas where they form a unique habitat for marine animals).
  • The Polar Regions (the polar seas and amazing adaptations to the animals that live in such extreme environments).
  • Shores and Estuaries – study the fascinating species that appear in this group.
  • The Deep Sea (the animals adapted to living there and how they cope with extreme conditions).

Course Benefits

Learn about the ocean and its incredible ecosystems
Anyone 18 or over and studying our Marine Conservation Diploma Course is eligible for ZSL (Zoological Society of London) Fellowship
Course accredited
Flexibility of online learning
Gain 72 hours of Continued Professional Development.
Receive full tutor support

Course Structure

This Marine Biology course consists of 6 theory modules studied online from home with full tutor support.

Assessment and certification


Courses are assessed through a combination of short answers, descriptions, lists and quizzes.

Interested in this Marine Biology Course?

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Perfect with our wildlife conservation internships

Ecoteer’s internships are a great way to put theory to practice and this course goes hand-in-hand with the activities you’ll be undertaking.

Based in Malaysia’s breathtaking rainforest or marine project sites, you could be involved in environmental education and teaching, tourism and community engagement, marine or rainforest conservation, or media and marketing.

This course will get you off to a flying start!


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