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Project Management for Wildlife Conservation

Course by WildTeam - 17th June to 22nd July 2019|£180

Why study Project Management for Wildlife Conservation?

This project management for wildlife conservation course is a must for anyone aiming for a career in conservation. Many studies show how highly project management is valued by conservation employers. For example:

  • WildTeam surveyed 250 conservationists to check that project management skills were a need. 95% agreed that “it is essential that conservationists receive more training in project management skills to increase measurable conservation impact”.
  • The International Society of Sustainability Professionals asked nearly 400 sustainability professionals what the most valuable skills are – and project management was among the top three hard skills reported.

What will you learn?

Project management for wildlife conservation is challenging and often involves dealing with many complex factors. You will learn:

  • How to manage a project to high standards of effectiveness and ethics
  • How to define roles, clarify team structure and undertake effective decision-making
  • How to manage a programme from start to finish, carrying out different phases.
  • How to keep a programme on track by setting up control processes and responding to changing conditions and new information.
  • How to hold effective meetings and develop high-quality project documents and deliverables.

Course benefits

Learn to deliver any type/size of conservation project
Leads to certification
Receive tools and templates to: – Track impacts – Assess risks – Assign roles – Document & share lessons learned
Flexibility of online learning
Compatible with Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation approaches

Course structure

6 weeks of online workshops, with 2 training sessions each week, including:

  • One live session with an instructor, lasting approximately 1.5 hours and involving interactive exercises – every Monday at 5.30pm BST.
  • A pre-recorded video (1-1.5 hours) to watch at a time that suits you.
  • Total of 3 hours learning/week.

Assessment & Certification

  • Assessed by exam (multiple choice) at the end of the workshop. Upon passing, you will gain a certificate.

This course has no pre-requisites.

Interested? Contact for more information!

Perfect with our wildlife conservation internships

Ecoteer’s internships are a great way to put theory to practice and this course goes hand-in-hand with the activities you’ll be undertaking.

Based in Malaysia’s breathtaking rainforest or marine project sites, you could be involved in environmental education and teaching, tourism and community engagement, marine or rainforest conservation, or media and marketing.

This course will get you off to a flying start!


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