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From anti-poaching patrols in the rainforest to caring for rescued animals, our Rainforest and Wildlife Rescue combo trip gives you a first hand insight in to the illegal wildlife trade and the efforts being made to combat it

Take action against the illegal wildlife trade with our rainforest and wildlife rescue combination trip. Trek in the rainforests surrounding Merapoh on anti-poaching patrols and identify signs of wildlife with the Merapoh Rainforest Station. Then head over to the Wildlife Rescue Centre, Indonesia and care for rescued animals helping to rehabilitate and provide enrichment activities throughout your stay. This combination is perfect for both short term and longer term volunteering trip with 2 and 4 week trips. Plus you’ll experience both wonderful cultures of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rainforest Volunteering: Malayan Rainforest Station

Taman Negara and the Titiwangsa range are two of Malaysia’s most impressive and oldest rainforests, connected by the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor. This corridor is essential for offering passage to native wildlife that move between these two ranges. However, the main road that leads to Merapoh passes right through this corridor. With access comes poaching. Particularly with these Rainforests being home to some of Malaysia’s rarest species, both plants and animals.

Embark on anti-poaching patrols with the Merapoh Rainforest Station team where you’ll search for and record data on signs of human activity as well as hunting for wildlife tracks and pug marks. Discovering you’re walking in the footsteps of an elephant or a tapir is an experience you’ll never forget! 

Wildlife Rescue Volunteering: Wildlife Rescue Centre, Indonesia

Unfortunately, Indonesian rainforests are being destructed at an alarming rate. Animals caught up in this destruction, particularly the young, are sold into the illegal exotic pet trade.  Thankfully, the Wildlife Rescue Centre receives and cares for rescued animals from this trade under the Protected Wildlife Law.

The Centre aims to rehabilitate and release as many animals as possible, however there are a few permanent residents who have made this Centre their home. Lend your hand at creating and maintaining enrichment activities to create a natural and stimulating environment for them. Assist staff with their feeding and cleaning but please note their will be no touching of the animals.

Finally, embrace traditions and culture at a weekly Javan dinner where you’ll eat at a local house in the village. Plus help with teaching local English classes where you’ll get to know the community in which you’re living.

2019 Pricing for International Volunteers 

2 weeks RM5,782 (£1,087/$1,417)

4 weeks RM8,485 (£1,595/$2,078)

*All prices are based on Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). All international prices are subject to change dependent on the current exchange rate.

2019 Pricing for Malaysian Volunteers 

2 weeks RM3,758

4 weeks RM5,516

Includes: food, dorm accommodation with shared bathroom, cooking facilities, all volunteer activities, all transportation costs within projects.

Excludes: Insurance, visa costs, flight fares (incl. between Malaysia & Indonesia), travel to/from projects, food/activities not included in the project

Your kind contribution to our eco cause helps pay for the continuation of these incredible programmes and thus the protection and conservation of the amazing Malaysian wildlife and environments. It also provides an array of benefits to the local communities.

You will arrive at Merapoh on the Monday of the first week and depart for the Indonesia on the Sunday. When at the Wildlife Rescue Centre, you will leave the project on a Sunday. 

Start Dates for 2019

Trips run all year round. Every two weeks starting from Sunday 20th January until Sunday 8th December.

Week 1 & 2: Malayan Rainforest Station

    • Explore the rainforest by trekking to deter poachers
    • Collect vital data on signs of wildlife
    • Adventure in to ancient limestone caves
    • Eat, breathe and camp with the Batek community; the original forest tribe of Merapoh
    • Create delicious local cuisine by cooking in bamboo
  • Discover fascinating bushcraft skills like building natural shelters and mastering the blowpipe technique

Week 3 & 4: Wildlife Rescue Centre

    • Shadow an animal keeper helping clean enclosures, prepare food and help with feeding
    • Create and maintain enrichment activities for the animals 
    • Visit animal release sights and learn all about the centre’s rehabilitation programmes
    • Engage in a number of cultural activities including a traditional gamelan (music) class, batik (wax art) class, traditional dance performances and informal sports sessions with locals
    • Help at Kids English Club, meeting and teaching local children. Plus assist with community conversational English classes where you’ll support the villagers in developing their English
  • Enjoy the taste of Indonesia with a traditional Javan dinner, prepared and served in the home of a staff member from the local village

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the weather. Whilst we do our best to make sure activities go ahead, a few are weather dependant.

For those who wish to undertake a diving qualification, this will be completed in week 3 with our partners over at Sea Voice Divers. 


Merapoh is a small town in Pahang, Malaysia and hosts an alternate entrance to the countries National Park: Taman Negara, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. Volunteers stay in mixed dorm accomodation at our project house in Merapoh which includes an amazing rooftop view for star gazing. There’s no Wifi on site but the internet centre is just two minutes round the corner plus there’s phone reception in the house. To get a better idea of the accomodation, have a watch of this video.

Yogyakarta is the cultural capital of Java and there are plenty of things to see and do on your days off: Visit the Sultan’s Palace. Prambanan temple or Borobudur (the world’s largest Buddhist temple), explore Mount Merapi (an active volcano), cycle through local markets and lush rice paddies or take in some traditional gamelan music and shaow puppetry – the choice is yours.

Accomodation will be in shared (single sex) twin rooms with an en suite (cold) shower and Western toilet. The room is fitted with air-con, drinking water and tea/coffee facilities. A double room is available upon for an additional cost of RM150 per night. If you’d like to book this option, please contact us directly to confirm availability as this will require checking by Ecoteer.


Food is an essential part of both Malay and Javan culture.

In Merapoh, Breakfast tends to be simple, with anything you can get your hands on in the house; toast, cereal etc. For those feeling like they want to experience a more traditional Malay breakfast, you are more than welcome to venture into the village at your own cost. Roti Canai or deep fried banana is highly recommended!

Lunch is usually had at the project or a packed lunch is taken on treks. This is usually roti or rice served with meat/fish, or a vegetarian option.

Volunteers take turns to prepare dinner once a week and all pitch in to clear up afterwards. Our volunteers come from around the world, so this is a great opportunity to sample cuisine from different countries and eat all together.

At the Wildlife Rescue Centre, all meals are included but there is also access to the stove and refrigerator should you require them.

In both locations you will experience a traditional cooked Malay or Javan dinner in the home of a local. 

The Merapoh Rainforest Station team has trekked a whooping 1000km and due to the team’s efforts considerably fewer snares have been discovered since 2014!

Check out the project page for the full list of project impacts.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre has rescued and rehoused an impressive 186 animals, with 38 confiscated and rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. They’ve also released over 20 animals back into the wild including a Javan eagle and a leopard cat.

Check the project page to find out more impacts.

4 Easy Steps to Book Your Rainforest & Wildlife Rescue Volunteering Trip:

1) Contact us here with your initial inquiry – tell us about yourself and the project you would like to join.

2) You will receive an e-mail with more information and the application form to complete and send back.

3) On receipt of your application we will confirm your reservation and inform you how to make your deposit payment. Your reservation will be held for 2 weeks, after which it will be cancelled automatically if no deposit is received.

4) Full payment is required no later than 1 month before departure. You may pay online by credit card or a direct transfer to our account.

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for us to process your application and payment.

It’s that Simple!! Once your deposit has been paid you will receive our ‘Know before you go’ guide, which is packed full of useful information about your project and general tips to prepare you for volunteering.

1. Is this project for me?
The rainforest and wildlife rescue combination trip is perfect for those interested in the illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare. This will give you an idea about the work and research being done to offer solutions to these problems. If you’re willing to get stuck in and are motivated to help our teams with their work, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

2. How old do I have to be to join this programme?
Volunteers must be over 18 or over 16 with a parental consent form. There is no age limit however volunteers must be physically able to go trekking. 

3. Will there be Internet access?
Volunteers are able to use the WiFi at the local internet centre in Merapoh and at the accommodation in Indonesia. For internet on the move it’s recommended to purchase an affordable local sim card on arrival at the airport. Drop us an email for further recommendations. 

4. How do I travel to each location?

To get to Merapoh, take a bus to Kuala Besut from TBS Kuala Lumpur bus terminal. You can book this on easybook. You’ll need to inform the bus driver that you wish to be dropped off at Gua Musuang. Our team will pick you up from there.

From Merapoh you’ll need to make your way back to Kuala Lumpur by bus to fly over to Jogyakarta International Airport (JOG). Volunteers will then be picked up from the airport and taken to the project site.

5. Fitness Requirements
A medium fitness is advised for maximum enjoyment of this project, but it is not a requirement. Treks will try to cater for individual fitness levels. A positive attitude is a must though! 

6. Can I stay for longer at one or both projects?
The combination package is available for either 2 week, or 4 week trips where you’ll split your time evenly. If you’re interested in staying longer at one location please contact us and we can look in to a solution for you.

7. Will I have free time?
You will have free time in the evenings after tasks are complete and on the dates of departure. Sundays are typically days off so you’ll have time to enjoy your surroundings.

For questions related to insurance, visas, vaccinations or payment check out the General FAQs page and for more specific payment questions have a look at the Terms & Conditions page
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