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School & Group Volunteering
The Best Way to Learn is through Experience

At Ecoteer we firmly believe that one of the best ways to learn is through experiencing.  This is why Ecoteer Responsible Travel has partnered up with Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures to offer school fieldtrip programmes which are perfect for secondary and tertiary education groups.

Your students can get involved in one of our three projects in Malaysia and experience conservation and community efforts first hand. We build our programs around the same four elements.

Learn by doing – We get your students actively involved in conservation efforts.

Service learning – the best way to learn and to give back to the local community at the same time

Community projects – The community project depends on what is needed at the time at each of the projects, could be beach cleans, home improvement or school improvement projects

Cultural immersion – All of our projects are based in a local village/community. Your programme will benefit the local community not only by your actions but financially (all food, accommodation and transfers are locally owned) and also through a cultural immersion and exchange between your students and the local children and their parents.

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