Welcome! How can we help?


How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. You can search our projects by country, cause, cost or start date. Once you’ve found one you’d like to join, you’ll need to register as an Ecoteer member to apply. You’ll then be able to arrange your stay directly with the project leader. Please be patient when waiting for a response – many of our projects are based in rural areas with very limited internet access!

Can Ecoteer arrange a placement for me?

Generally, arrangements are made directly between the project and the volunteer (that’s how we keep our costs so low!). However, Ecoteer does offer a Matching Service, for an additional fee.

After an initial consultation (usually over Skype or Google Hangout), we’ll find a project that we think is best suited to you. If you agree, we’ll put you in touch with the project leader and provide support throughout your application process. Once your placement is arranged, we will charge a £100 matching fee – but you don’t need to pay until your trip is set. For more information about this service, message us here.

Am I guaranteed a placement if I apply?

Afraid not. Many of our projects are looking for general volunteers, but some will be looking for specific skills. Others might only have certain times when they can take volunteers, or have a maximum number they can accommodate at once. We check regularly to make sure that our projects are seeing and responding to their messages, but it’s up to you and the project manager to sort out the details.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Of course – the more the merrier! It’s up to the individual project to decide if they can accommodate two volunteers instead of one, but most will be happy to have the extra hands on deck.

Why should I become a member?

We ask our members to pay a small fee to help keep our website running. In exchange, you’ll be able to access contact details for all our projects, and you’ll be entitled to members-only discounts on things like holidays, travel insurance, shop items and training courses. Click here for a full list of membership benefits.

When you join, you’ll be added to our mailing list, so you’ll receive regular updates on our projects as well as travel and conservation in general. You can opt out of this list at any time, without cancelling your membership. And don’t worry – you can also opt back in, once you’ve realised your mistake.

What age do I need to be to become an Ecoteer member?

You can become a member at any age, but some projects will have a minimum age for volunteers – which is at the project manager’s discretion and so varies from project to project. Usually, under-16s will need to be accompanied by a guardian.

Can you help me with my flight / accommodation / transportation / visa / insurance?

We can’t book any of the above for you, but you’ll find people who can on our site. Try the Holiday and Country Information pages. Plus, our members are eligible for discounts with our partner companies. If you think about it, we’re basically booking it for you (but just to be clear, we’re not).

Does Ecoteer cover any of my costs?

We can’t cover our member’s travel costs (although trust us, if we won the lottery, it’d be right up there after “buy Grandma a mansion”). That’s why we look for projects with no or minimal fees, so that our opportunities are accessible to everyone.


What are the benefits to being listed on Ecoteer?

As well as having access to a community of committed, conscientious and skilled volunteers who are looking for projects like yours to join, you’ll receive regular updates on Ecoteer, travel and conservation. Many of our newsletters include top tips from industry leaders, and advice on growing your project.

Our site also features fundraising and shop pages, which you can use to sell locally-made handicrafts and to raise money and awareness for your project. You will always receive 100% of the money raised.

Well that sounds great. So how do I get on here?

Just email [email protected], and we’ll send you a short application form to fill out. The more information you can give us the better, and we love to see references from past volunteers.

What costs are involved?

We don’t charge any fees to be listed on our site. If you would like to make a contribution, we will happily accept animal selfies in lieu of payment.